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Do you feel like you are running around in circles with the banks? We are here to point you in the right direction! We have finance experts on staff that will help you secure a car loan…before you start shopping for that new or used car of your dreams.

Loan Approval is our
Primary Business

Have you been denied everywhere you apply for a loan?  Your credit score is not very good?  We are in the business to make sure that you get the loan that you deserve.  We work several banks and we also have the option to finance you directly.

We take a Close Look
at Your Situation

We are here to help you get that loan and put you behind the wheel.  We will look at your situation and help stir you to a loan that you can live with comfortable.  You will know how much you can afford before you start shopping for that new automobile.

We Calculate
the Best Deal for You!

We work closely with banks to help find the best deal for you. We also can offer you our own financing that will help you get back on track and help improve your credit score.  If you have questions, please contact us
we are here to help.


You might not have the best credit in town…we are here to help!  We are able to finance where others are not able or willing to.

Please call us today at 269-692-2800. We are here to help you get the loan you deserve.

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Before you start shopping for a car…get pre-approved and know exactly what you can afford comfortably.

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